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How Did You Spend Your August Recess?

Congress has adjourned for its August recess. For the thousands of staff, lobbyists, pundits and others that depend on Congress for its livelihood, it’s a welcome break from the daily grind of political gridlock.

But for many non-profits and advocacy groups, there is actually some opportunity in the break.

The staff at M+R Research Labs wrote a lengthy game plan strategy earlier this summer called, “August Recess: Hit a Home Run for Your Cause.” Combining a baseball metaphor with outreach strategies to reach members of Congress in their districts is a good read and offers some thoughtful tips on making the most of the recess.

Interestingly, the Washington Post followed up with a recent story saying conservatives and liberals plan to use this time to support their primary causes.

Whether it’s Congress, the state legislature or the city council, groups that depend on capturing the attention of policymakers need to have a game plan.

Anyone in the public policy arena understands there’s tremendous competition for attention in the political arena, and creating unique space for your issue--particularly if you are a nonprofit or represent underserved constituencies--requires an effective strategic plan.

I spent nearly 30 years working at the National Conference of State Legislatures  and the Missouri House of Representatives. Our team has extensive expertise in knowing how to reach out to lawmakers and to advance policy positions from concepts to action items. Let us know your challenges and we’ll devise a strategy to tell your story, get you noticed and position you for success.

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