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How Much Do You Know About Your Members? And Potential Members?

The National Association of Government Communicators now has new data on its members and potential members. At Last Communications produced a report on salary, benefits and industry trends that will assist the association over the next several months. In the report, we were able to outline a description of a typical member. 

Through the responses collected by more than 320 government communicators in 48 states, a profile emerged of a “classic” government communicator. With three out of every five being female, she is likely in her early 40s and holds the title of communications director. She’s been in her position for 10 years and puts in 45 to 50 hours a week. She writes, edits, publishes news releases, works with reporters, uses social media, contributes to newsletters and helps with several internal communications duties. 

Her salary is in the $45,000 to $60,000 range, and didn’t get a raise last year and thinks here chances are 50/50 at best that she gets one this year. Her benefits are holding steady – there’s a concern about reductions in health and life insurance, but there is hope that there may be additional reimbursement of commuting expenses. There’s a real concern that professional development opportunities appear to be limited for her and the two other colleagues in her office. 

Her biggest wish is that her agency would allow telecommuting, but policy decisions in that area seem to be slow to develop. There’s a good chance that she’ll leave her job when she turns 48. 

Organizations need to have an understanding of who their members are. While NAGC knows 40 percent of its audience -- and potential audience -- is male, and that they have older and younger members, they now know where the majority of its membership resides and can make future decisions on whether to grow this part of membership, or to even consider a stronger push toward serving millenials. Now that they have data to work with, they can make data-based decisions.

 Copies of the report, which includes comparisons to the last survey, released in 2008, are available at the NAGC website: http://www.nagconline.com.

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