Connect With Officials

How to connect with your elected officials

Most people know then name of their governor. But how well do you know the Speaker of the House, the Senate President or the names of influential legislative committee chairs? In our experience, too many organizations don’t understand the intricacies of how bills become laws and how positively or negatively legislative actions can impact them. And, we see too many that believe bringing busloads of people to the Capitol for a one-day lobbying effort is all that’s needed.

Knowing how to effectively advocate for your cause with elected officials, at all levels, builds the capacity, performance, and impact of your organization so you can carryout the greatest good for the most people. So, where do you start when you need to connect with your elected officials?

Whether you’ve recently completed a strategic plan and determined that lobbying will help to further your policy agenda, or are looking for a course in “Lobbying 101,” take advantage of our years of working in the halls of state Capitols across America. We will help you to create successful plans to engage with policymakers and move your issue forward. Plus you’ll gain strength by partnering with other public interest groups to spur action for your cause.

If you’re ready to make some moves at the Capitol this legislative session, contact us today, and let the advocacy begin!

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